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The shit I write about is basically fiction founded on real emotions. I feel these things but it isn’t personal. I’m not trying to throw shade or whatever. When I write half the stuff I write about, I imagine a story with people I have never met and characters that aren’t real.

Don’t take it up the ass if it seems like my shit is based on you. If you think my angsty posts are about you then you probably have something you should tell me.

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He and I were new to each other. We had a chance to recreate ourselves and start new. To rewrite the reputations we’ve created for ourselves. I hadn’t known about the baggage he carried but had he come clean, I would’ve been there too alleviate the burden of it all.

But instead he mired himself with the words and images that others had painted of him. I mean yes he had his own hand in everything but easily he could’ve changed that. He had lost his chance to start anew.

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You should’ve gotten to know him.
You played him like a violin in discord but he still thought it was music.

He isn’t sad because he wasn’t the one who missed out on something good— it was you.

You’ll keep trying to fill that void with shallow interactions with people. It’s not going to work.

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